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Total Eclipse

For the target archers that like to block out sections of the target, the Total Eclipse lens is your lens! The Total Eclipse replaces the need for adhesive dots to be placed on the lens surface.

The Total Eclipse lens is most popular among indoor shooters as well as some field shooters.

Shooters can customize both color and size to fit their needs or wants. It can be used both with or without a light system.

This lens has all the high quality properties that the Doc's Choice lens does. 




Reticle Colors:

  • Black

  • Dk Blue or Sky Blue

  • Florescent Orange

  • Hot Pink

  • Chartreuse

  • Florescent Green

  • Purple

Luminescent Colors:

  • Blue Glow

  • Orange Glow

  • Hot Pink Glow

  • Chartreuse Glow

  • Green Glow



  • 2.3mm

  • 2.5mm

  • 3mm

  • 3.5mm

  • 4mm 

  • 5mm

  • 3/16" 

  • 1/4"

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