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Aurora Star®

Featuring our Aurora Star® Suspended Reticle. This lens has revolutionized archery! The suspended reticle will allows the shooter to have a custom dot like a fiber optic pin without any obstructions in view that a fiber optic pin has. It can be used with or without a light. Using a light source, one can get the reticle bright to use in both low light hunting conditions or indoor shooting.

The reticle is a permanent part of the lens that will not move or be removed from the lens when it is cleaned. Keeping the most important aspect of the lens protected, the shooter's accuracy.

We also offer the reticle to have a luminescence powder added to the color, giving the archer the ability to “charge” the dot with a flashlight or any other external light source. Shooters in states that outlaw electronics on archery equipment while hunting will still be able to use the Aurora Star® without having to have a sight light.



Reticle Colors:

  • Black

  • Dk Blue or Sky Blue

  • Florescent Orange

  • Hot Pink

  • Chartreuse

  • Florescent Green

  • Purple

  • White

Luminescent Colors:

  • Blue Glow

  • Orange Glow

  • Hot Pink Glow

  • Chartreuse Glow

  • Green Glow


  • 1.0mm - 2.0mm 

  • 0.1mm increments


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