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The Halo lens gives the archer the same benefits of the Aurora Star and Total Eclipse, but in a different style of aiming. Instead of covering up or pin pointing your point of impact, the Halo ring allows the shooter to focus on where the arrow is going to hit. 

This reticle has the same permanent properties as the Aurora Star. It can be customized in several ways. The shooter can have a standard sized Halo or a Thin Line Halo; as well as have an Aurora Star added at no additional cost. Luminescent can also be added to the Halo.

This is a very versatile lens with applications ranging across all disciplines of archery. Many hunters prefer this style in taking all sizes of game. 




Halo w/o Reticle

Thin Line Halo w/Reticle

Reticle Colors:

  • Black

  • Dk Blue or Sky Blue

  • Florescent Orange

  • Hot Pink

  • Chartreuse

  • Florescent Green

  • Purple

Luminescent Colors:

  • Blue Glow

  • Orange Glow

  • Hot Pink Glow

  • Chartreuse Glow

  • Green Glow

Size (ID):

  • Small- 5.25mm

  • Medium- 6.95mm

  • Large- 9.8mm

  • Thin Line- 6.75mm

  • Thin Line- 10.8mm

  • Thin Line- 15mm

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