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Drilled Fiber

Add a drilled fiber to your Doc's Choice Lens! We off many different sizes and colors. Shooters can also incoorporate a Focus Reticle along with their Drilled Fiber lens.* Oversized lenses will incure an additional cost.*


Below is a list of what Fiber Colors are offered in each size. Note: Not all colors are offered in every size. Please make your selection from the following list. Any Powered Lens can be paired with your Fiber of Choice.


  • 0.010"- Safety Yellow, Blue, Orange, Red, Green & Ruby Red
  • 0.015"- Safety Yellow, Blue, Orange, Red, Green & Ruby Red
  • 0.019"- Safety Yellow, Blue, Orange, Red, Green & Ruby Red
  • 0.029"- Safety Yellow, Blue, Orange, Red, Green & Ruby Red
  • 0.040"- Safety Yellow, Blue, Orange, Red & Green
  • 0.060"- Blue, Orange, Red, Green & Ruby Red
  • 0.078"- Blue, Red, Green, Ruby Red
  • 0.100" (2.5 mm)- Blue, Red, Green, Ruby Red
  • 0.118" (3mm)- Blue, Red, Green, Ruby Red
  • Beiter Drill Pattern


*Please message us on our Contact page for ordering a Focus Reticle.

*Oversized Scopes are listed to the right.

Drilled Fiber

No Fiber
  • *ALL SALES FINAL. Once order is placed, customer accepts there are no refunds due to incorrect scope input. Double check that all information is correct before submitting. 

  • Spot Hogg MRT Multi Pin, CCS 52mm & HHA 2" require purchase of Doc's Choice Oversized item.

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